Jealous for God

Posted 7/28/2001

David had a really big challenge to overcome in the person of Goliath 1Sa 17:1-53. This bruiser had been having  a lot of fun picking on the Israelites, challenging them to a one-on-one. David couldn't figure out why nobody was taking him up to his challenge as a matter of offense against God. Saul tries to arm him, but that doesn't work, so David's off to face Goliath with a sling and a few stones. God brings the enemy down in one throw of His servant's slingshot, and the Philistine armies are routed.

Really, anybody could have taken on Goliath, provided he did so in the same strength that David used - God's! God is powerful, very much alive, and quite interested in the integrity of His name. So why didn't God just strike Goliath down from heaven? Then how would we learn to be strong in the Lord? It's interesting that God rarely chooses to be directly, obviously, miraculously involved with this world and us in it. He uses people, nature, and events to accomplish His will perfectly. That demonstrates that He has that much more control, to be able to work everything according to His will, without having to directly do it all.

What made David unique is that he was willing to be zealous for his God, and was deeply enough offended at God being insulted that he was willing to risk his life to defend God's holiness. This kind of jealousy is not unique to David.

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