Fleeing from Sin

Posted 6/30/2001

Joseph's brothers sell him to Egypt, where he is purchased as the slave of Potiphar. God prospers Joseph in all his work, and also prospered Potiphar for Joseph's sake. Potiphar liked these kinds of results, and gave Joseph more and more responsibility to the point that Josph pretty much ran the place.

Things are going well, God is blessing, the home is prosperous, and Joseph is in trouble. Potiphar's wife has taken a fancy to Joseph - you might say she has a crush on him. So much so, that she wants him in bed with her. He refuses to betry God and him owner, but she persists. Eventually, she managed to catch him alone, and tried to force him, but he fled with nothing but himself. Mrs. Potiphar finally got frustrated, and used Joseph's coat to frame him and get him thrown into prison.

How could this happen?

  1. Joseph was faithful Ge 39:1-7
    1. He worked hard and well
    2. God blessed him for his consistency
    3. Potiphar gave him much responsibility as his faithfulness proved true
  2. Joseph was fair Ge 39:7-11
    1. He was good-looking, at least to Mrs. Potiphar
    2. His hard-to-get attitude egged her on
  3. Joseph fled Ge 39:12-20
    1. He fled for his life when she tried her moves on him
    2. He remained faithful to God, despite all accusations and appearances
    3. He was not afraid to run from wickedness
    4. He could not imaging doing this great wickedness against God and abuse of his position

What can I learn from this?

  1. Faithfulness is what God wants and rewards, whether at work or play
  2. Faithfulness brings responsibility
  3. Responsibility does not free you from temptation
  4. Both men and women can think lustfully
  5. Wickedness of any kind should be unimaginable to you, make you disgusted
  6. There is nothing to be ashamed of about running from evil

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