Loving God

Posted 5/25/2001

Mark doesn't have a lot to say about love. He only mentiones the word in three contexts:

  1. First in Mr 10:17-31 to describe Jesus' feeling toward the young, but rich, man
  2. Second in Mr 12:28-34 when the scribes came to try to stump him, and Jesus makes it clear (again) what God wants more than anything else is our love
  3. Last in Mr 12:35-40 right after the questioning, as he warns people of the true nature of their leaders

However, only the first two instances are truly love. Jesus loved the young man dearly, unconditionally - He was pleased with the man's desire for salvation. That same feeling of fondness and pleasure is what He is talking about in the First Commandment.

Compare this love to that of the scribes' love of clothing and fame. This type of love is an entirely different Greek word that is also translated as will, desire, would have - all about wanting something, wanting it pretty badly. This is not always bad! It's all about what is desired so strongly:

So enough talk about wanting, and back to loving. There is such a difference! So often love will go against our will. The desire for revenge, for the last word, for our own way - all are suppressed and nullified by the love that only Christ can give. Such a forgiving, unconditional concern for the other that nothing can change. Such is the love God wants from us, and such it is that He shows us.

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