CSS Bugs

Thursday, June 13, 2002

Well, I'm into CSS in a big way now. I'm throwing away tables left and right, and discovering all sorts of new quirks. I don't see it so much as things not working, as it's a new set of working parameter to feel out.

Speaking of quirks, Internet Explorer was working as "expected" until I found out how to add the DOCTYPE tag to force it into compatability mode. Here I thought that the differences between IE and the other browsers I test (Netscape, Opera, Konqueror) was just brand-name difference. Nope. Turns out the non-IE browsers were actually doing CSS right, for the most part, and now IE does, too.

Just to start positive, here are some of the things I've found that I love about CSS:

Ok, fine. Even so, I have found a few annoying things that may or may not be fixable:

In any case, there are a whole new set of tricks and best practices to know in this new world of table-less layout. But it's worth it all when your site is accessible to all people on all devices, just the way it's supposed to be.


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