Ten Grand

Sunday, September 26, 2004 We recently passed the 10,000 mark in our photo database; ten thousand unique images! And the winner is . . .

Time for some statistics:

We adopted Antonio, Carmen, and Felix in August 2000, and went digital in January 2001:
Since 2001, that's about 188 photos a month (or 6 per day) saved images. Usually our saved to throwaway ratio is about 1:3 or 1:4, so we've taken a whole lot more pictures than we're saving (as it should be).

How are we handling this many images? Computers, of course!
  1. New images are moved from the cards into a single folder for processing
  2. Using Windows Explorer, we admire the pictures, deleting the obviously bad ones immediately.
  3. Then, using a web page linked to this folder, each image is loaded, examined for EXIF info, categorized, described, and titled.
  4. When saved, ImageMagick saves multiple file version and autocorrects the image.
  5. The next image in the folder is loaded up, and repeat.
  6. Each image usually takes about 5 seconds to process; more if more description is needed, or if cropping / redeye removal is necessary.
All this is then immediately available for searching, viewing, and remembering! :)

Some more lesser-known facts:


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